Monday, November 11, 2019

1/72 AWI British Commanders and Staff

Hello everyone;

British Commanders and Staff. 

This time, a little but indispensable for building an Army; the Commanders and Staff.

According to my “Bible”, “An illustrated Encyclopedia of uniforms 1775-83”, (Lorenz books), Generals and Staff officers, wore read coats, facing dark blue and abundant gold lace on lapels, and began to wear epaulettes; The adjutant general wore silver and buttons. As in some illustration, the turnbacks of the coat were not fasten, important observation for getting them…

In the 1/72 awi references we can get this poses in the reference of IMEX George Washington Army, as we know is the same reference than the Accurate-Revell one, but IMEX added two staff mounted figures  (one of them George Washington). But this was only some years ago, now they make this reference without them. In the IMEX British Army the question is the same.


So, for the mounted figures I have used the mounted ones that we can find in the  Hat reference 7YW Prussian Infantry Command ( ); not the period, but with some transformations, and as I have said before with the turnbacks not fasten you can use them. For the figures on foot I have used the usual Accurate-Revell References, some figures from the IMEX Artillery, even some of the Italeri reference “French Imperial General Staff”( ), with transformations and changing many arms…  

Figures not from the period…

Conversions (some of them i´ll use for the Americans…)

 Different compositions…


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  1. Very nice conversions! Looking forward to seeing your Americans too!

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    1. Thank you Paul, impressive your medieval Project..

  3. Thank you very much Philotep, I have no time for finisning-as usual-the american units...

  4. Really nice conversions. I love how you don't let the lack of figures from this period slow you down. Top notch work!

  5. Thank you very much Bill; it´s interesting trying to create a little special figures….you know¡ Bill , I´m very sorry for the delay...