Monday, October 21, 2019

1/72 Awi 42nd (Royal Highlanders) regiment on foot, (The Black watch).

After doing some English Regiments of fusilier s, I´m trying to add more variety on the English side; I Have done two units of hessians (fusiliers and Granadiers), an as well as a Loyalist unit. Now I have done a highland Regiment, so lovely with their skirts.

According to “An illustrated Encyclopedia of uniforms 1775-83”, after the Jacobite rebellion, the42nd Foot Scottish regiment were raised , first for policing the Highlands, and later was send to America, Due to his exceptionally service in the French and Indian war, it became a Royal Regiment.

Uniforms and available miniatures

There are a lot of illustrations about their uniform in the American Revolution:

-1.First Period: Full highland Dress:

-1.a. With kilts; as in the “an illustrated Encyclopedia of uniforms 1775-83”

For this uniform, I have three basics references for the highlanders..all of them of other periods¡


-Esci  Set 215 British(now Italeri Set 6058 British and Scots Infantry)
I have them. I think very good figures, slim Esci type.

-Italeri Set 6004 Highlander Infantry

I have them .Good too, their face seem a little like cartons.-

-Italeri Set 6136 Scots Infantry:
I Haven´t them but they seem vey good figures, with very good proportions;

-1.bUse of kilts and plaid; In the Presidio book “Military uniforms in America” and Blandfort colour series.

Jacobite Rebilion;

-RedBox Set 72050 Highland Infantry:

I have them. Very apropiate for the very first period, apart of using of Kilt, they wear many thing that the other references lacks; plaid cartage box in the belly, sporran…Good figures and poses, more bulky than Accurate and esci-Italeri figures.

2.Second periods;
They used normal gaiters…but who want to represent them in this appearance if you can chose with Kilts¡¡


Finally I Have used the Italeri Set 6004 Highlander Infantry, because of the bulky appearance of RedBox Set 72050 Highland Infantry, but I think the Redbox set is more appropriate.

Transformations; As you can see, I have cut the shoulder pads, the hats, added the cartrige boxes, the sporrans, new hats…and have hidden the modern cartridge boxes modeling bags of this period above them.
The backpacks; In the Italery reference they looks very “modern”; In all illustrations they have a more rustic appearance. I have tried to transform the in this type of the AWI period.

The backpacks; In the Italery reference they looks very “modern”; In all illustrations they have a more rustic appearance. I have tried to transform the in this type of the AWI period.

Well I have to said that the true it´s that I have tried to transform them at my convenience (according to the figures I have) looking for illustrations that justify me¡¡ …as always I think all of we do¡¡

Thank you very much for watching¡¡

you can get more information of this unit in this excellent page;


  1. Wonderful Scot units, excellent job...and presentation!

    1. Thank you very much Phil¡ your opinion is very well appreciate¡

    2. And presentation¿? In your blog you I see the one of the best and more original presentations I have ever seen…the figures, scenography, animations …

  2. Lovely unit, your conversions are top

  3. Paul, Thank you very much¡ but I have just begun using epoxy….it´s really very difficult for me to manage it¡ I have to look for tips for it…

  4. Those are great Antonio, love the conversions and the paint job. Well done !

    1. Thank you very much John; you encouraged me to continue with this blog, when it had only two entries and was completely stoped…¡As you know your blogs showed me the possibilities of the 1/72 scale¡
      Thank you again¡

    2. I'm so pleased you feel that way, thank you very very much, it means a great deal to hear something like that from a fellow enthusiast !!!

  5. Oh oh, I'm a new visitor and very happy to discover this blog dedicated to the One True Scale :-D
    I'm always impressed by conversions, yours are very very good!

    1. Welcome Philotep¡¡ I think in the same way; I think 1/72 is the best balanced scale, and it´s the only one I Have used since my childhood…
      Thank you for your comment, I have discovered your blog right now too, I´m reading about your painting techniques… ¡ and of course I´m now your follower and I´m going to put it in my blog list¡¡

    2. Hi,
      What kind of putty do you use for figure modifications ?

  6. Hello!
    I normally use a two componens putty. There are a lot of brands, I bought this one;
    You only have to mix a bit of both components. You have a lot of time to work wit it befote it get hard. But it's not easy to least formr!; I only do basic things, people do very difficult transformations, as youcan see in internet...