Saturday, November 7, 2020

American Militia (generic regular brown uniform).


American Militia ( brown uniform).

I have done another generic American unit, from the first period of war.


This time the main color is the brown color, typically used in the American uniforms of this period. I have added lining in yellow, I think a harmonious combination. This combination can be seen in some units as the Sherburne´s additional Continental regiment. (As you can see in “the Illustrated Encyclopedia of Uniforms” from Lorenz books, page 76),

I have done a very regular unit in terms of appearance; I have added blanket rolls to some of the figures; I have used paper with white glue and the experience , very difficult and not a very good appearance; I will try with epoxy putty next time



I have used the same Kits as always, although we are making a militia unit, the uniforms are the same as the regular ones, so we can use the Accurate Set 7201 American Militia (we can find them too as Revell Set 02561American Militia or as IMEX Set 511George Washington’s Army),and Accurate Set 7200 British Infantry (we can find them as Revell Set 02560 or as IMEX  Set 512 British redcoats).

In this unit, I have used a lot of figures of the pose you can see above; This poses wear the hat as I commented in the last post; I have seen only in one illustration of a Private from the Virginia frontier Independent Company (In “the Illustrated Encyclopedia of Uniforms” from Lorenz books, page 71), so typically of the rangers perhaps no very suitable for a militia with regular uniform and hat…but I have a lot of them, so they have to be used.

“Modellingawi Clinic”

I´m very busy at home and with another hobby project, so I have outsource the figure transformation phase; This aesthetic clinic is helping me¡¡ they are great specialist even they put the figures out before transforming them, making this gory task more aseptic¡. They wear face masks fulfilling all the COVID protocols.

In their surgical equipment, Loctite and epoxy component occupies a distinct place.

From now if you don´t want to be a simple pose of the Plastic Soldier review Page, you can get a distinctive and unique one¡ (it´s what says his advertisement¡)



In this example with this pose that you can see in the plastic soldier review, you can get six different variations.(…this image remember me… “The Human evolution”¡¡)

This is the result…

I have used as in the last units some hurt o fallen poses…to give some dramatic felling to the units…

I hope you had a good time seeing the post..thank you very for watching¡


Aah¡ One more thing, not relative to the hobby…

Two weeks ago Madrid, the city in which I live, was a confined area, due to the high number of COVID cases. It was impossible to go awayof the city limits.

I look for the city limits all around the city and studied how to get there by bicycle. I made some little sign saying where Madrid finish and where the next city begins…

I described my journey…and it was published by a national newspaper¡¡

This is the link¡

Saturday, October 17, 2020

British Granadiers

 Hello again,

A long pause in the blog, the summer, my last exam in September; but now with more time and energies to resume it¡

(a little aquarelle, I did in Galicia, mi little kids…)


I will began with two entries (Granadiers and Light Infantry); I did them some time ago, not very glad with the result, so I retouch the paintworks; But there is only one reference with four poses of each type of unit and compatibility with other figures -for making new ones- practically impossible.



As I said in the previous entry I did them some time ago, not very glad with the result, I retouched the paintworks; but there is only one reference with four poses for making the entire unit, and compatibility with other figures -for making new ones- practically impossible.

They were the elite troops of each regiment, being the tallest and strongest men of theses.  At first, they were in separates companies. Later, as with the Light Infantry, Instead of using them in separated companies, (each regiment infantry was composed of eight regular companies, plus one of light infantry and one of Granadiers) in this conflict they formed units of eight Granadiers companies, taking them from others eight regular regiments.


Uniforms were similar to the regular infantry too, but with these main differences;

-The fur cap with metal plate.

-The tailed coat with wings as the Light infantry.

-As each company came from one different regimen, their lining color is different in each base.

-these kind of units didn’t use to have their own flag o musician.


As I said in the previous entry, for this kind of unit,
we have only one reference in the market; A call to Arms set 65 “British infantry 1775”. Actually this set is composed of four poses of Granadiers, and four poses of Light infantry.

They are very well sculpted, it´s a pity that they don´t wear swords. The four poses, are very static too, but at least, this kind of unit used rigid formations (not as the light infantry), but they are very standard, and with small personality. Other problem is the height; they were supposed to be the tallest men of the army, but with 1,66 mts, and in comparison with the rest of figure references they are very, very small.

The Unit

So I decided to make a firing unit in a very rigid composition.

I hope to have a good time seeing them¡

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

1/72 AWI, British and American Artillery

Hello again,

First of all, I hope you to stay safe and in good health.

This time I want to explain my experiences trying to build some British and American Artillery units, valid for the American Revolution period, 1/72 scale.

IMEX Artillery sets

In this scale we can find only two references regarding to this subject. Both are from IMEX, Set 554 American Artillery and  Set 555 British Artillery.

Regarding to the figures,

-Actually uniforms were the same in both armies, (and with the same colour, in blue, not as they appears in the British artillery illustration) so both references are valid for each armies, so we have twelve different poses for each one. (six from the British references and the same for the American one). You can see an artillery British uniform(left), and a artillery American uniform


-Sculpting is very good, the have some variety, uniform is correct, perhaps would have been better more figures without waistcoat, in campaign dressing…(you can read both Reviews in and )

-But…yes there is a very big (and this is the suitable word¡), they are too big, In the PSR, we can read that the American figures (the first ones) have and average height of 24mm and the British 25mm…)As you can see in the photos, if we compeer the Accurate-Revell-Imex infantry  figure with the Imex artillery ones, there is a real difference not only in heath but in build, this difference is big in comparison with the standing poses, but with the sitting ones its simply incompatible.
Because of this I haven´t used the sitting ones, and I ave cut and intermediate slice of the legs of the standing ones.

Regarding to the guns,

As you can read in the In the PSR review, both guns are very small (yes too big figures, and too small guns¡). The guns provided in the American Artillery box, may be 2 or 3 pounder guns, but the guns provides in the British Artillery box,are even smaller,and short as a little mortar, I thing is useless for a normal artillery unit.
If we can provide our units with something similar to the standard 3, 6- pounder gun we have to use anotherones

Other guns

-For the medium artillery units I have used the guns from  
Revell Set 02577 British Foot Artillery, ( ) according to the PSR they are 9 pounder guns,
Esci Set 233 British Artillery,
-For the light artillery units I have used the guns provided in the American Artillery box
This link about the artillery in the AWI, is very interesting

These are the results…

British Medium Artillery;

American medium Artillery

And yes…Conversions…

But apart from the standard figures, we can try another ways for building our units…

British medium artillery, campaign uniform;

I have used the IMEX artillery figures, replacing their heads for those from the Light infantry figures of A Call To Arms Set 65 British Infantry 1775

British ligh artillery;

We can use the IMEX American guns, with the Accurate infantry figures; yes with a minimal transformation...

American  light artillery;

I have used three figures of the Airfix Washington infantry, replacing thir legs as I did with the American Infantry, and the German Jaggers…

American light militia artillery;

We can use the same guns with the IMEX Set 521 Pilgrims (

I think the look of the figures may resemble the civil clothes of the very first militia units, specially from the south…

I hope to inspire you new possible solutions¡
Thank you very much for watching¡¡¡


Wednesday, April 8, 2020

1/72 American Regiment (Dark Blue faced White) Airfix

After buying and old box of Airfix “Washington Army “,

 and making a small unit of German Jagers with some of them …

…I though; what to do with the rest of figures? I thought I have betrayed the Continental figures with a German units, so…I will do a real American unit.

So I began to do it. As I said, this Airfix figures are a little small, -because their legs are disproportionately small, the upper side of the figures are very correct and expressive. Although is a very drastic measure, I decided to cut their legs and replace them with Accurate(Revell-Imex) figures. With this new legs they result even high, because their body and head are in the big side of the 1/72 scale.

I painted them in blue coat with white facing, trouser and shirt in white too, so a lot of white, I could have used more variety for these clothes…
Trying, as I did in the Jagger unit, to add some variety in the unit and in the bases, I tried to do a little composition, with lower in both sides (with the prone and sitting positions, and higher to the center (with the standing and the officer on the horse), accentuated with a small elevation on the terrain.

The central base only contain three figures, I have tried to do and epic composition with the mounted official in an elevated position framed by the American flag, and the drummer advancing…

 The group of two men evacuating a casualty is my preferred; but I have set it looking backwards, logically, but this force them out of the spotlight…I thinking about turning them¡

Thank you very much for watching¡

I have still some more figures…I´m finishing other base with…? What do you think¡?