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1/72 Making a Continental Army¡

1/72 Making a Continental Army¡

As I commented in the entry;, The uniform of  English Regiments, broadly speaking, is not very difficult to understand; with its red coats, regimental colour and white for the rest of the clothes.


But…what about the American Uniforms? In the reference books and in internet we can see a big variety of uniforms; these can be copied easily, and will add a very good variety of colours to our American Army, but; if we use very specific uniforms, we could use them  only in the specific battles that these recognizable units fought. Is it possible to create a core of units with more general uniforms usable for more o less every battle?

Apart from the some militia units dressed practically in civilian clothes, that I will see in other entry, from the two main book that I´m using, we can extract some ideas;

For the Period 1977-79;

·         In the Lorenz book I can read about the Continental infantry; “When dealing with the Continental infantry regiments and the uniforms, it should be noted that the most common uniform worn before the uniforms regulations of 1779 were issued was either dark blue coats faced red or brown coats faced red. Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York and South Carolina were states that furnished their troops with uniforms of these basic colors”

For the Period 1979-81;

·         In the “Rebellions supplement” we can read “ In 1779-80 it was the hope of Congress And Washington that  more standardization could be brought to the appearance of the Continental army. The infantry were to wear a dark blue uniform coat with facing colours dependent on the  colony; White for New England; buff for New York and New Jersey; red or scarlet for the middle colonies, including Virginia; blue in the Carolinas and Georgia.

So, Regiments painted in dark blue uniform coat with a variety of facing colours (being the red the more used), plus brown coats faced red can constitute the core of our Continental Army.


As I said with the Accurate Set 7200 British Infantry (we can find them as Revell Set 02560 or as IMEX  Set 512 British redcoats)is the core for building the standard units of regular army of both, -English and American – sides. The other main reference is Accurate Set 7201 American Militia (we can find them too as Revell Set 02561American Militia or as IMEX Set 511George Washington’s Army), some of their poses wear standard regulars uniforms, other ones are made for the militia units, but we can add some variety in the American Regular Regiments adding them same militia poses in more o less quantity (as we can see in many illustrations).

About the figures you can read this entry;



American regiment had more variety in their hats, rounded, those similar to light infantry caps…but they are very difficult to obtain in this scale. we can ad blankets rolls too…I will see what can we do…¡

So I have begun with one unit wearing dark blue coats faced red. Used in the period 1775-79 and being the official color for the middle colonies in the Period 1979-81.

As you can see above, the poses in this units are inspired other similar unit I made for the English Army;

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  3. Splendid units...and illustrations!

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