Saturday, October 17, 2020

British Granadiers

 Hello again,

A long pause in the blog, the summer, my last exam in September; but now with more time and energies to resume it¡

(a little aquarelle, I did in Galicia, mi little kids…)


I will began with two entries (Granadiers and Light Infantry); I did them some time ago, not very glad with the result, so I retouch the paintworks; But there is only one reference with four poses of each type of unit and compatibility with other figures -for making new ones- practically impossible.



As I said in the previous entry I did them some time ago, not very glad with the result, I retouched the paintworks; but there is only one reference with four poses for making the entire unit, and compatibility with other figures -for making new ones- practically impossible.

They were the elite troops of each regiment, being the tallest and strongest men of theses.  At first, they were in separates companies. Later, as with the Light Infantry, Instead of using them in separated companies, (each regiment infantry was composed of eight regular companies, plus one of light infantry and one of Granadiers) in this conflict they formed units of eight Granadiers companies, taking them from others eight regular regiments.


Uniforms were similar to the regular infantry too, but with these main differences;

-The fur cap with metal plate.

-The tailed coat with wings as the Light infantry.

-As each company came from one different regimen, their lining color is different in each base.

-these kind of units didn’t use to have their own flag o musician.


As I said in the previous entry, for this kind of unit,
we have only one reference in the market; A call to Arms set 65 “British infantry 1775”. Actually this set is composed of four poses of Granadiers, and four poses of Light infantry.

They are very well sculpted, it´s a pity that they don´t wear swords. The four poses, are very static too, but at least, this kind of unit used rigid formations (not as the light infantry), but they are very standard, and with small personality. Other problem is the height; they were supposed to be the tallest men of the army, but with 1,66 mts, and in comparison with the rest of figure references they are very, very small.

The Unit

So I decided to make a firing unit in a very rigid composition.

I hope to have a good time seeing them¡


  1. Good to see you back! I’m not a fan of House of Campaign. Too many silly poses. But you have raised them several levels! Love the watercolour, too. I’m a sucker for seascapes and watercolours and that is so relaxing to look at.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind word, Jeffers. Yes this set it´s strange, good sculpting but very small number of poses. It´s no easy to make Granadiers transforming other set…
      Glad to see your army growing¡
      Yes, open spaces give us the peace…that many time we lost painting miniatures¡¡ jajaja¡

  2. Absolutely superb work on these. The look and way they are positioned on the base is so reminiscent of the 'loose file' style that we read about in the Americas.

  3. Thank you very much, but I didn’t do anything special, I only displayed the four poses that the set give us¡