Sunday, June 9, 2019

British Regiment (yellow)

Hello Again¡

I have completed another British Regiment; this time with yellow as facing color.

This color would be valid for the following units, according to the excellent suplement Rebellion, from Black Powder (Warlord series); Regiments number; 6th, 9th, 10th, 15th,16th, 20th,26th,28th,29th,30th, 34th,37th,38th, 44th, 46th,47th,57th,80th.
I have used only one type of figure; in one of them I have changed one arm, as if he were leading his comrades, and by removing the muskets in two figures, and adding two pins I have done the two standard bearer. I have added a musician (because the Regiment is running I have replaced his legs by another “running “ legs), plus an officer without modifications

Hola otra vez¡
He completado otro regimiento británico, esta vez con el amarillo como color de revestimiento. 
He usado solo un tipo de figura; en uno de ellos le he cambiado un brazo, como si estuviera dirigiendo a sus camaradas, y quitando el mosquete a dos figuras y añadiendo alfileres he conseguido dos abanderados. He usado también un músico (le he cambiado las piernas por las de otra figura corriendo) y un oficial sin modificaciones.
Painting them I have discovered that washing and highlighting the white color is more difficult than the buff color ( the facing color of my last English Regiment). I think the result have been not as good…
Pintándolos he descubierto que el lavado y las luces son más difíciles de dar que en el color ante, que había usado en el regimiento británico anterior.

In the basing I have added sand instead static grass for giving more contrast.
En el baseado he añadido arena en vez de césped artificial, para dar más contraste.

I hope to put more posts soon¡

Greeting and thanks for your visit…

Espero poner más post muy pronto¡

Saludos y gracias por vuestra visita..


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    1. Thank you Paul! And thank you for putting my blog in your 1/72 blog list!

  2. Wow, cracking unit, lovely poses and wonderful painting!

    1. Thank you very much Phil! This comment encorage me to continue...

  3. Chulísimo Antonio. Los colores muy conseguidos.

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