Friday, December 27, 2019

1/72 American Regiment (dark blue facing buff)

American side is growing¡

This time I have build and American unit wearing a dark blue uniform coat with buff as facing color. Apart from some militia units and According to the new regulations of 1979, this facing colour was established for units of the states of New York and New Jersey. I have added some men wearing some civilian clothes, something that seems usual in the scenes of the American units. I have used generics flag valid for non specific units.

I have used a heterogeneous variety of poses, trying to give dynamism to the scene.

In the pictures while the soldiers try to fight with ferocity, one of the fellows looks at the camera blatantly¡

I hope you like them¡


  1. Handsome figures! The shad of blue for their coats is very attractive.

    Best Regards and Happy New Year,


    1. Thank you very much Stokes, I wish you the same, Best regards from Spain¡
      I would like to see pace in the world, war only in wargames¡

  2. Very very good, exactly the sort of regiment I should try to build, with a miw of soldiers from different sets (american regular, milicia and even some poses taken from the English side I guess ?) Great flags too. What game are they based for ?

  3. Philp, thank you very much; of course I have used soldiers from the English Imex reference; They are valid for regular troops from both side (except the drummer).
    I try to base them for black powder rules although I have never played it. I think the units occupy a long space in the table; perhaps with four bases instead six would be enough.