Wednesday, April 22, 2020

1/72 AWI, British and American Artillery

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This time I want to explain my experiences trying to build some British and American Artillery units, valid for the American Revolution period, 1/72 scale.

IMEX Artillery sets

In this scale we can find only two references regarding to this subject. Both are from IMEX, Set 554 American Artillery and  Set 555 British Artillery.

Regarding to the figures,

-Actually uniforms were the same in both armies, (and with the same colour, in blue, not as they appears in the British artillery illustration) so both references are valid for each armies, so we have twelve different poses for each one. (six from the British references and the same for the American one). You can see an artillery British uniform(left), and a artillery American uniform


-Sculpting is very good, the have some variety, uniform is correct, perhaps would have been better more figures without waistcoat, in campaign dressing…(you can read both Reviews in and )

-But…yes there is a very big (and this is the suitable word¡), they are too big, In the PSR, we can read that the American figures (the first ones) have and average height of 24mm and the British 25mm…)As you can see in the photos, if we compeer the Accurate-Revell-Imex infantry  figure with the Imex artillery ones, there is a real difference not only in heath but in build, this difference is big in comparison with the standing poses, but with the sitting ones its simply incompatible.
Because of this I haven´t used the sitting ones, and I ave cut and intermediate slice of the legs of the standing ones.

Regarding to the guns,

As you can read in the In the PSR review, both guns are very small (yes too big figures, and too small guns¡). The guns provided in the American Artillery box, may be 2 or 3 pounder guns, but the guns provides in the British Artillery box,are even smaller,and short as a little mortar, I thing is useless for a normal artillery unit.
If we can provide our units with something similar to the standard 3, 6- pounder gun we have to use anotherones

Other guns

-For the medium artillery units I have used the guns from  
Revell Set 02577 British Foot Artillery, ( ) according to the PSR they are 9 pounder guns,
Esci Set 233 British Artillery,
-For the light artillery units I have used the guns provided in the American Artillery box
This link about the artillery in the AWI, is very interesting

These are the results…

British Medium Artillery;

American medium Artillery

And yes…Conversions…

But apart from the standard figures, we can try another ways for building our units…

British medium artillery, campaign uniform;

I have used the IMEX artillery figures, replacing their heads for those from the Light infantry figures of A Call To Arms Set 65 British Infantry 1775

British ligh artillery;

We can use the IMEX American guns, with the Accurate infantry figures; yes with a minimal transformation...

American  light artillery;

I have used three figures of the Airfix Washington infantry, replacing thir legs as I did with the American Infantry, and the German Jaggers…

American light militia artillery;

We can use the same guns with the IMEX Set 521 Pilgrims (

I think the look of the figures may resemble the civil clothes of the very first militia units, specially from the south…

I hope to inspire you new possible solutions¡
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  1. Great conversions ! Good idea to replace the cannons too.

    1. Thank you very much John, awaiting to see more entries in your blog¡

  2. Love the Pilgrim Artillery! Brilliant work as usual. 👍

  3. Thank you very much John, waiting to see more entries in your blog¡
    Thank you very much Jeffers, I have just discovered your interesting blog¡ I will follow it¡
    I´m in the same situation you are…Will I play sometime¡?

  4. The paint jobs are great as are your figure conversions. Swapping out the Imex cannons for bigger pieces of field artillery is a great idea, and the new guns look great.

    There are many approaches when building model armies, and the most important factor is that the level of historical 'correctness' is entirely subjective to the needs and wants of the person building the force. That being said, are you aware that the gun carriages (Congreve block trail carriages) in those British Napoleonic sets are of a different type to those used during the AWI (known as Flask trail, split trail, or double bracket trail carriages)?

  5. You are completely right Brian;
    One thing is to ignore some small details, and another one it´s to show incorrect evident (and big) as this canons…
    I haven´t found a page with a summary of canons used in this periods, can you recommend me anyone?
    And in 1/72 scale which model would you consider do appropriate for the AWI period?
    Perhaps one of this?

    Great Northern War

    Seven Years War


    1. For French and French supplied American forces I would use French Napoleonic guns - The 8prs and howitzers from the Esci/Italeri set would work well -

      The links in your comment above have gun carriages that are the right style, but unfortunately aren't an exact match for British artillery. The size of the guns then has to be considered - do you want light, medium, or heavy?

      The Revell Austrian cannon are 3pdr pieces, as are the majority of cannon in the other two sets. Depending on how detailed you want to get these would at least have a period feel - as would using French guns across the board. Another option might be to use suitable looking metal guns from here:
      or another manufacturer.

    2. Thank you very much Brian,
      I will consider those posibilities!

  6. I just found your blog.
    Some truly excellent work here.

  7. Duc de Gobin, thank you very much for your kind words,
    I´m studying now, and the project is a little stopped, I will continue and the end of June with much more energy¡